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USA Trivia Questions and Answers

1 Which US city was named after the first President of the Republic of Texas?

2 How many states in the USA begin with the letter M?

3 What is the state capital of Nevada?

4 Which baseball star of yesteryear was nicknamed The Yankee Clipper?

5 Which city of the USA is nicknamed Little Cuba?

6 What animal is the symbol of the Democratic Party in the USA?

7 In which hand does the Statue of Liberty hold her torch?

8 Why was the 1994 World Series in baseball cancelled?

9 Who was elected Governor of California in 1966?

10 Which US state has the largest population?

11 What became the 18th state of the USA and was named after a French king?

12 What was New York called prior to 1664?

13 In which state of the USA is the award winning TV comedy series Roseanne set?

14 In what decade did Davy Crockett die whilst defending the Alamo?

15 Which is the only state capital of the USA that has a three-word name?

American Quiz Answers Below

1 Houston was named after the first President of the Republic of Texas
2 Eight US states begin with the letter M
3 Carson City is the state capital of Nevada
4 Joe DiMaggio was known as the Yankee Clipper
5 Miami is also known as Little Cuba
6 A Donkey is the symbol of the Democratic Party
7 The Statue of Liberty holds the torch in her right hand
8 The ’94 World Series was cancelled due to a player’s strike
9 Ronald Reagan was elected as Governor of California in 1966
10 California is the US state with the largest population
11 Louisiana is the 18th state and was named after the French King King Louis XIV
12 New York was previously known as New Amsterdam
13 The Sit-Com Roseanne was set in Illinois
14 1830s. Davy Crockett died whilst defending the Alamo in 1836
15 Salt Lake City is the only US State capital that has a three-word name.

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