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Hard History Questions


Fancy yourself as a bit of a history buff?  Why don’t you test your knowledge of history trivia with our 10 hard history questions?

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    Which famous explorer is said to have given a tortoise to the royal family of Tonga in 1777 that went on to live for at least 188 years and set a Guinness World Record for the longest-lived tortoise ever?

    • Captain James Cook
    • Marco Polo
    • Christopher Columbus
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    Eva Peron was the First Lady of which country from 1946 until her death in 1952?

    • Argentina
    • Chile
    • Spain
    • Brazil
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    The highwayman Dick Turpin was tried and executed in 1739 for stealing what?

    • Horses
    • Sheep
    • Gold
    • Food
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    Now named Ho Chi Minh City, what was the previous name of the city that was captured in 1975 by the People’s Army of Vietnam and the Việt Cộng to mark the end of the Vietnam War?

    • Saigon
    • Hue
    • Hanoi
    • Da Nang
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    According to legend, which city did Lady Godiva ride naked through so that her husband would lower taxes on his tenants?

    • Coventry
    • London
    • Manchester
    • Edinburgh
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    In 1936, who became the first British monarch to fly in an aircraft?

    • Edward VIII
    • Queen Elizabeth II
    • George VI
    • Victoria
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    The 1992 treaty that founded the European Union is commonly known by a name the references the city in the Netherlands where it was signed. What is the name of this city?

    • Maastricht
    • The Hague
    • Rotterdam
    • Utrecht
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    With its first line being “Near this site stood the shop belonging to Thomas Fayner, the King’s baker”, a plaque in Pudding Lane in London commemorates the start of which famous event in history?

    • The Great Fire of London
    • The Gunpowder Plot
    • The last bomb to fall on London during WWII
    • The completion of the Tower of London
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    Which country was King Faisal king of in 1975 when he was assassinated by his nephew?

    • Saudi Arabia
    • Iran
    • France
    • Germany
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    Who was the first European to Discover America?

    • Leif Erikson
    • Christopher Columbus
    • Ernest Hemingway
    • Captain Cook

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