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You think you’re a movie buff? Think you’re a telly addict? Prepare to have your point of view changed forever!

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    In which TV series do the title characters attend a high school called Our Lady Immaculate College?

    • Derry Girls
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Saved by the Bell
    • Veronica Mars
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    What is the name of the warthog in The Lion King who was the first Disney character to break wind?

    • Pumbaa
    • Timon
    • Rafiki
    • Mufasa
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    First broadcast in 2011, which TV series did its creator say had a title that referred to the cold, shiny screen of a TV, a monitor or a smartphone?

    • Black Mirror
    • Dark Crystal
    • Black Sea
    • His Dark Materials
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    The 2009 documentary film Don’t You Forget About Me was centred around which film director, who wrote and directed some of the most successful comedy films in the 1980s and early 1990s, but retired from the public eye in 1994 when he was just 44 years old

    • John Hughes
    • Robert Zemeckis
    • David Lynch
    • Steven Spielberg
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    Which character was played by Jon Pertwee in the late 1970s and early 1980s and by Mackenzie Crook for a two-episode mini-series in 2019?

    • Worzel Gummidge
    • Del Boy
    • Harold Steptoe
    • Richie Cunningham
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    Which film features a football team called the Hounslow Harriers?

    • Bend It Like Beckham
    • The Damned United
    • The Football Factory
    • Mean Machine
  • Question of

    n the TV show Father Ted, what was the name of the parish priests’ housekeeper, played by Pauline McLynn?

    • Mrs Doyle
    • Mrs. Doubtfire
    • Daphne
    • Mrs. Hughes
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    What is the make and model of the car known as Herbie that featured in films such as The Love Bug, Herbie Rides Again and Herbie Goes Bananas?

    • Volkswagen Beetle
    • MINI Cooper
    • Aston Martin DB5
    • 1948 Ford De Luxe
  • Question of

    An incident branded “punchgate” on which TV show was named the mostcomplained about TV moment of the decade from 2010 to 2019 in the UK, with over 25,000 complaints to Ofcom?

    • Celebrity Big Brother
    • Top Gear
    • Love Island
    • Loose Women
  • Question of

    How are Sheriff Buford T. Justice and Bo Darville known in the title of the film that was second only to Star Wars in the list of the USA’s highest grossing films in 1977?

    • Smokey And The Bandit
    • Cheech and Chong
    • Starsky & Hutch
    • Tango & Cash


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