30 Multiple Choice Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

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New Testament Bible Quiz


Just how well do you know the Bible? Do you think you know the New Testament from front to back? Many people think they are experts on the subject, but few will be able to get all 30 of these difficult Bible quiz questions correct without having to cheat!

Find out if you truly are a devout christian – put your faith to the test and have a go at our quiz of biblical proportions!

  • John The Baptist was sentenced to prison after accusing King Herod of what?
  • The Lord is My Shepherd comes from which Psalm?
  • What is the most famous line from Psalm 51?
  • Who did God not establish a kingdom with forever due to an unlawful sacrifice?
  • Where was John when he had the Vision that inspired his Book of Revelations?
  • How many Psalms are contained in the Bible?
  • Psalm 22 is a key part of what?
  • In which book of the bible are we told of Josephs coat of many colors?
  • When is the First Day of Daniel?
  • According to the bible, one farthing would buy how many Sparrows?
  • After Jesus rose from the dead how long did he remain on Earth?
  • After the 7 angels with 7 trumpets, a woman wearing a crown of how many stars appears in the Book of Revelations?
  • How many gospels are there in the New Testament?
  • How many of the New Testament books have been attributed to Paul?
  • How much older was John the Baptist than Jesus?
  • For what of Christ’s did soldiers cast lots?
  • How did Judas Betray Jesus?
  • How did Paul escape Damascus?
  • In which book of the Bible are we told John is the author of the Book of Revelations?
  • How many books are there in the New Testament?
  • In Acts, we are told who was imprisoned in Rome in AD 62?
  • In Johns vision of Christ, how are his eyes describe?
  • In the book of revelations, 7 Angles appear with what instrument?
  • in which River was Jesus Baptised?
  • Johns Vision of Christ involves him seeing what weapon coming out of his mouth?
  • New Testament: Which of these books appears first?
  • Paul’s Epistle to the Romans was most likely written in which Greek city around 57 AD?
  • In which book does the shortest verse in the Bible appear?
  • Mentioned in Luke, who was the chief tax collector at Jericho?
  • The longest chapter in the Bible appears in which book?