Easy Science and Nature Quiz Questions – Can you answer them all?

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We’ve put together this basic Science and Nature quiz that most people should be able to have a decent shot of passing with at least half of the answers correct. Just how much do you know about science and nature?  Let’s find out!

Some examples of the sort of questions you may face in this quiz:

  • Which Natural Phenomenon Does A ‘Seismologist’ Study?
  • Which Type Of Tree Grows From An Acorn?
  • A Starfish Has How Many Legs?
  • Which element on the Periodic Table has the symbol ‘H’?
  • Which Of These Planets From Our Solar System Has Rings?
  • Tidal Waves Are Also Sometimes Known As A…?
  • Which Of These Is A Wild Dog Native To Australia?
  • Young seals are known as what?
  • Which Of These Scientists Lends Their Name To The Temperature Scale That They Invented?
  • There Are 206 Bones In An Adult Human’s Body, But Where Can The Smallest Bone Be Found?
  • Which Classification Of Animal Does A Bat Belong To?
  • The Adult Male Of Which Type Of Animal Is Known As A Stag?
  • Who Created The Law Of Motion That Dictates That ‘Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction’?
  • Which Of These Is The World’s Largest Venomous Snake?
  • The Latin Word ‘Lingua’ Is The Anatomical Name For Which Part Of The Human Body