Challenging 20 Question Greek and Norse Mythology Quiz

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Mythology Trivia Quiz Norse Roman Greek

You think you know your Greek from your Norse mythology? Test your knowledge in our challenging 20 question Mythology quiz!

Some example questions from the Quiz:

  • What was the punishment for Sysiphus’s craftiness?
  • Neptune’s greek name was what?
  • Hera is god of what?
  • This Greek goddess’s name was chosen for the dwarf planet responsible for discord on Pluto’s classification amongst astronomers.
  • Who was the King of Gods in Ancient Greek mythology?
  • In Greek Mythology, who was the daughter of King Minos?
  • In Norse mythology, what is the name of the serpent which eats the roots of the ash tree Yggdrasil?
  • Which of these Roman gods doesn’t have a counterpart in Greek mythology?
  • Which Greek & Roman god was known as the god of music, truth and prophecy, healing, the sun and light, plague, poetry, and more?
  • Which figure from Greek mythology traveled to the underworld to return his wife Eurydice to the land of the living?
  • Nidhogg is a mythical creature from what mythology?
  • In Greek mythology, who is the god of wine?
  • In most traditions, who was the wife of Zeus?
  • Which of these mythological creatures is said to be half-man and half-horse?
  • What mythological creatures have women’s faces and vultures’ bodies?
  • What immense structure is referred to in Norse Mythology as the Yggdrasil.
  • The Nike apparel and footwear brand takes it’s name from the Greek goddess of what?
  • Which Norse God has a horse named Sleipnir?
  • The Norse god Odin has two pet crows named ‘Huginn’ and ‘Muninn’. What do their names mean?
  • What is the name of the first human being in Norse mythology?