Can you get all 30 1950s History Questions correct in this challenging quiz?

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1950's History Quiz


Can you get all 30/30 questions correct in our 1950s History Quiz?

Can you answer the following questions? Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘START’ to begin the quiz and test your knowledge!

Some example questions:

8 players from which famous football club were killed in the 1958 Munich Air Disaster?

Bobby Fischer made history as a 13 year old prodigy in which game in the 1950s?

By 1950, how many homes in American had a TV?

Fidel Castro overthrew which figure in 1959 in Cuba?

Gamel Abel Nasser overthrow the monarchy in which nation in the 1950s?

In 1957, Francis Duvalier came to power in an election in which nation?

In 1959, which state became the 50th and final state to join the US?

In 1995, Jonas Salk invented a vaccine from which ailment?

In which nation did the Mau Mau rebellion occur in the 1950s?

James Pollock and Willem De Kooning led which art movement in the 1950s?

Juan Peron was a notable leader of which country during the 1950s?

On which nations territory was the Suez Crisis clashes fought in 1956?

The “wind of destruction” between the Hutu and Tutsi began in which nation in the 1950s?

The first Eurovision Song Contest occurred in 1956. In which nation was it held?

The Korean War ended in what year of the 1950s?

The worlds first nuclear power plant was open in which nation in the 1950s?

What name was given to the popular 1950s brassieres that had the cups in a conical shape?

What nationality is the fashion designed Coco Chanel who rose to fame in the 1950s?

What was the name of the hairstyle worn by James Dean, Elvis and Ronald Regan at times during the 1950s?

Where did British spies Guy Burgess and Don Maclean resurface in 1956 after 5 years missing

Where would you wear a pair of “Aviators”, which shot to fame in the 1950s?

Which company invented the hard disk drive in 1956?

Which famous pact was signed in 1955?

Which King of England died in 1952?

Which state became a part of the USA in 1959?

Which treaty establish the European common market in 1957?

Which Us President approved construction of the Hydrogen bomb?

Whose seminal, work “On the Road” was published in 1957?