90’s Olympic Trivia Quiz – Only Sports Fanatics Can Answer All Questions Correctly

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How much do you think you know about the Olympic Games? More specifically, how much do you know about the games held in the 90s?

If you’re interested in using any of these questions for your own quiz, you’ll able to find all the questions and answers at the end of the quiz. We make you go through the quiz to prove that you’re not a robot, don’t worry about answering the questions correctly – just skip through the quiz to get to the final page.

Some examples of the questions contained within this quiz:

The 1992 Olympic games were held in which major European City?
The 1996 games in Atlanta marked which anniversary of the Modern games?
Which icon lit the Olympic flame at the 1996 games in Atlanta?
What nationality was the winner of the men’s 100m at Atlanta 1996 – Donovan Bailey?
Who won gold in the Men’s 100m at the 1992 Olympic Games?
This individual won Gold in the Men’s Tennis at the 1996 Olympics? Who is he? (Insert picture of Andre Agassi?
Which nation was allowed to compete in the 1992 Olympics for the first time since 1960?
Who this female who won 200m and 400m Gold at Atlanta 1996?
When was the last year in which the Summer and Winter Olympics were held in the same year?
Which nation sent a single unified team to the Olympics in 1992 for the first time since 1964?
In 1992, Fu Mingxia, aged 13, became the youngest Olympic Gold Medallist in history. What event did he compete in?
In 1996, Deon Hemmings became the first woman to win Olympic Gold for which nation?
The 1992 Summer Olympic games marked how many occurences of the modern games?
How many nations competed at the 1992 Summer games?
The 1992 Summer Olympics was the first time which nation had competed with a mixed-race team?