100 Animal Trivia Questions and Answers


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We have compiled a list of 100 Animal Trivia Questions and answers for you to feast your brain on!

  1. What kind of animal is a sea horse?
  2. Mosquitos have teeth. True or False?
  3. What sort of animal is a fennec?
  4. The aardvark is first animal in the dictionary what’s second?
  5. What is the sacred animal of Thailand?
  6. Frodo Baggins was the first to enter Britain using what?
  7. Hooded and Carrion are varieties of which bird?
  8. What animals make up the Suidae family?
  9. The eyes of which farmyard animal have rectangular pupils?
  10. Which insect sometimes eats its (male) mate during copulation?
  11. What name is given to animals which do not hunt or eat meat?
  12. Sobek was an Egyptian god – in what form is he seen?
  13. What was the name of the dog that used to appear on the HMV record label?
  14. In a beehive, who are the queen’s closest servants?
  15. Which insect has the best eyesight?
  16. What is the name given to animals without backbones?
  17. Which is the commonest bird in Britain?
  18. Goodfellow’s Lumholtz’s and Bennett’s are both which type of animal?
  19. What is a kipper?
  20. Which mammals fly by echolocation?
  21. How many compartments are there in a Cow’s stomach?
  22. In the Tarzan films what was the name of chimpanzee?
  23. In Oliver Twist what was the name of Bill Sikes dog?
  24. Which are the only other animals besides humans that are known to get pleasure out of sex?
  25. How many types of panda are there?
  26. In “The Wizard of Oz? what was the name of Dorothy’s little dog?
  27. Which birds may be trained to catch fish and bring them to their masters?
  28. What is a razorshell?
  29. What is the name given to the study of animals?
  30. How long is the longest beetle in the world?
  31. What animal can sleep for three years but only mates once, for twelve hours?
  32. Where would you find a scut on a rabbit?
  33. What creature is the symbol of medicine?
  34. What is the world’s largest fish?
  35. What type of creature is called a Booby?
  36. What animal provides 50% of all the protein eaten in Peru?
  37. What over-sized birds eye is larger than its brain?
  38. A paddling is a group of which animals?
  39. In Ancient Rome what creature was the symbol of liberty?
  40. How many arms does a squid have?
  41. What is the most popular theory explaining why the dinosaurs became extinct?
  42. How many hearts does an earthworm have?
  43. What colour are the spots on a plaice?
  44. On what would you use a Curry Comb?
  45. What animal do Eskimoes call a nanook?
  46. What is the largest animal ever to inhabit the planet?
  47. Dogs have sweat glands in their nose and where else?
  48. In the wild, which animal pollinates banana plants?
  49. Which animal is the offspring of a male ass and a mare?
  50. Which mammal has the most teeth at any one time, 252 in total?
  51. To what family of bird does the Shag belong?
  52. What is the name of the dog in the punch and Judy show?
  53. Which aquatic mammal sleeps with one eye open?
  54. A Quagga is an extinct animal that was a distant cousin to which animal that exists today?
  55. What sort of animal was Laika, the first living creature in space?
  56. The dog breed borzoi gets it name from the Russian for what?
  57. What type of animal was Baloo in the jungle book?
  58. How many tentacles does a squid have?
  59. What is the term given to the process by which butterflies change from a caterpillar to a flying adult?
  60. What can a tiger and a puma do, that a cheetah cannot?
  61. What animal always gives birth to same sex twins?
  62. Is the “Corncake? a bird, a mammal or a reptile?
  63. For how many days does a typical mayfly live?
  64. What is a chemically castrated cock called?
  65. What is a smew?
  66. Ermine is the fur from which animal?
  67. The pilchard is a member of which fish family?
  68. What does a carpophagus animal feed on?
  69. In Korea which animal is the symbol of long life?
  70. Syncerus caffer is the Latin name for which animal?
  71. What type of animal is a markhor?
  72. What animal has the longest lifespan in captivity?
  73. The critically endangered Bumblebee Bat of Thailand is the smallest known mammal. Plus or minus five millimetres, how long is one typically?
  74. True or false: Hamsters can blink each eye independently.
  75. What animal could be Siberian or Caspian?
  76. What is vivipary?
  77. To what family of animals does the Llama belong?
  78. What is the study of birds eggs called?
  79. Where is a bird’s patella?
  80. Which part of the body does scabies effect?
  81. What sort of creature is a abalone?
  82. What was the name of Tonto’s horse in the Lone Ranger?
  83. The dybbuk is a creature in which people’s mythology?
  84. Which animals make a sound called nuzzing?
  85. What kind of a relationship does coral have with algae?
  86. The cheetah is the fastest thing on 4 legs. What is the fastest thing on 2 legs?
  87. The lutra-lutra is which semi aquatic animal?
  88. Which insects communicate to each other by dancing?
  89. If cats are feline, what are sheep?
  90. In the Dr Dolittle stories what type of creature was Dab-Dab?
  91. According to Chinese folklore, each animal is associated with certain personality traits, and those born in the year of which animal are intelligent, independent and free-spirited?
  92. How many claws does a Housecat have in total?
  93. Plus or minus two, how many teeth does a dog have?
  94. In which country did Turkeys originate?
  95. Which is the largest land animal?
  96. How many humps on an African camel?
  97. Which small animal is the only animal that has legs but cannot walk with them?
  98. What is a female donkey called?
  99. What sort of creature is a fluke?


Answers to our 100 Animal Trivia Questions and Answers:

  1. Fish
  2. TRUE
  3. A Desert Fox
  4. Aardwolf
  5. The White Elephant
  6. Pet Passport – he was a dog
  7. Crows
  8. Pigs
  9. Goat
  10. Preying Mantis
  11. Herbivore
  12. A crocodile
  13. Nipper
  14. Drones
  15. The Dragonfly
  16. Invertebrates
  17. Wren
  18. Tree Kangaroo
  19. A smoked herring
  20. Bats
  21. Four
  22. Cheetah
  23. Bull’s Eye
  24. Dolphins
  25. 2 (The giant and the lesser)
  26. Toto
  27. Cormorants
  28. A kind of mollusc
  29. Zoology
  30. 6 inches
  31. A Snail
  32. The rabbit’s tail
  33. Snake
  34. Whale Shark
  35. A tropical sea bird
  36. The Guinea Pig
  37. An Ostrich
  38. Ducks
  39. Cat
  40. Ten
  41. The Earth was hit by a giant meteorite
  42. 5 hearts (1 brain and 1 stomach that´s divided into several chambers)
  43. Orange
  44. Horse
  45. Polar Bear
  46. The blue whale
  47. In their paws
  48. Bats
  49. A mule
  50. Dolphins
  51. Cormorant
  52. Toby
  53. Dolphin
  54. Zebra – Zebra in Latin is “Equus Quagga”
  55. Dog
  56. Fleet or swift
  57. Bear
  58. Ten
  59. Metamorphis
  60. Retract its claws
  61. Armadillo
  62. Bird
  63. A Mayfly usually lives for around one day
  64. A Capon
  65. A wild duck
  66. Stoat
  67. Herring
  68. Fruit
  69. The deer
  70. Buffalo, or more specifically, Cape Buffalo
  71. A wild goat
  72. Giant Tortoise
  73. 35mm, and it is It is 5 to 2g in weight, about the weight of a Canadian or U.S. dime. However, the Etruscan Pygmy Shrew is the smallest mammal by mass, though it exceeds the Bumblebee Bat in skull size.
  74. TRUE
  75. Tiger
  76. A type of reproduction where the embryo develops inside the mother
  77. Camel
  78. Oology
  79. Knee
  80. Skin
  81. Marine Snail
  82. Scout
  83. Jewish – migrating soul enters the body
  84. Camels
  85. A symbiotic relationship
  86. Ostrich
  87. An Otter
  88. Bees
  89. Ovine
  90. A Duck
  91. Horse
  92. Housecat’s usually have 18 claws.
  93. A dog usually has around 42 teeth
  94. The USA
  95. Elephant
  96. One
  97. The Hummingbird
  98. A jenny
  99. Worm