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Endangered Animals Quiz

Take our bing endangered animals quiz and test your knowledge of the most vulnerable species on our planet!

It is estimated that over 900 currently known species of plants and animals are currently endangered, and that up to one half of all species of animals could become extinct by the year 2050.

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[Spoilers Below]

We’ve included some endangered species questions and answers below incase you want to use them in your own quiz!

Be aware that these questions show up in our own quiz so do not read below this point unless you want to spoil the quiz!

1. The giant panda comes from which Country?
2. What is the leading cause for animals to become andangered?
3. In 1990 trading of what was banned in order to save the world’s elephant population?
4. Which one of these animals is critically endangered? The rest are classed as ‘vulnerable’ by the WWF. a)Orangutan b)Hippopotamus c)Red Panda d) Sea Turtle
5. What is the main diet of the Giant Panda?
6. The Black Rhino has become endangered mainly because it is hunted for it’s what?
7. A Rhino horn is made from what?
8. Three of these are endangered animals, but which one is not? a)Blue Whale, b)Tiger, c)Chimpanzee, d)Brown Bear
9. Where do sea turtles lay their eggs?
10. Which human activity is primarily responsible for the Orangutan becoming endangered?

Endangered Animals Answers Below

1. China is the home of the Giant Panda
2. Habitat Loss is the leading cause of endangered species
3. The Ivory trade was banned in 1990
4. The Orangutan is critically endangered
5. Bamboo is the main diet of the Giant Panda
6. Black Rhino’s are usually hunted for their Horns
7. Rhino horns are made from hair
8. The Brown Bear is of least concern, but Blue Whales, Tigers and Chimpanzees are all considered to be endangered species
9.Sea Turtles lay their eggs on the beach
10. Palm Oil plantations are the primary cause of orangutans becoming critically endangered

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