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Boxing Trivia Questions and Answers

1 Who did Muhammed Ali fight in The Rumble In The Jungle?

2 Who was the first boxer to defeat Mike Tyson in a professional bout?

3 Who was the first boxer to defeat Lennon Lewis in a professional bout?

4 Who played the wife of Sylvester Stallone in the Rocky movies?

5 Who was the first boxer to regain the Heavyweight World Title?

6 Which saint’s day is celebrated on Boxing Day?

7 Which former heavyweight world champion was nicknamed the Easton Assassin?

8 In which 1962 film did Elvis Presley play a boxer?

9 According to Greek mythology, what was the last thing that remained in Pandora’s box?

10 How many fights did Muhammed Ali lose in his boxing career?

11 Which 80s TV series starred Ray Brooks as an addicted gambler called Robbie Box?

12 Which novel features a horse called Boxer?

13 Which former world champion legally changed his first name to Marvelous?

14 Which country did Lennox Lewis represent when he won an Olympic boxing gold medal?

15 In which 1956 film did Paul Newman play a boxer called Rocky Graziano?

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