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Ballet Quiz – Just how well do you know Ballet related trivia?

Do you think you’re a ballet expert? Do you know your Bolshoi from your Batterie?

Why don’t you find out by taking this 15 question ballet quiz!


If you’re looking for Ballet Trivia Questions to use in your own quiz we’ve included the multiple choice questions and answers below:

Act 4 of Swan Lake is set where?

a) In the sky b) By a lake c) In a palace d) On a train

Act 1 of The Nutcracker opens on which important date?

a) Good Friday b) Christmas Day c) Christmas Eve d) Ash Wednesday

In which ballet does Franz become infatuated with a life-size dancing doll?

a) The Comic Ballet of the King b) Giselle c) Coppelia d) La Bayadere

What does the term “croise” mean? a) Increasing b) Decreasing c) Moving d) Crossed

Which of these ballets did Tchaikovsky not compose the music for? a) Swan Lake b) The Nutcracker c) Sleeping Beauty d) Don Quixote

The terminology of ballet is generally derived from which language?

a) French b) English c) Spanish d) German

Aged eight, what was the first ballet seen by future star Anna Pavlova?

a) The Nutcracker b) Sleeping Beauty c) Swan Lake d) La Sylphide

Dr Stahlbaum appears in which ballet?

a) Coppelia b) Swan Lake c) The Nutcracker d) The Firebird

Pas de trois is a dance for how many people?

a) Four b) Three c) Five d) Two

Who composed the music for the ballet Cinderella?

a) Sergei Diaghilev b) Sergei Prokofiev c) Paul Dukas d) Igor Stravinsky

“Couru” means to do what in small steps?

a) Run b) Waltz c) Slide d) Walk

In which city would you find the Mariinsky Theatre?

a) Baku b) Irkutsk c) Saint Petersburg d) Moscow

Which of these is a prize awarded in the ballet field?

a) Abel Prize b) Orange Prize c) Prix de Lausanne d) Nobel Prize

Which of these ballet companies is the oldest?

a) Japan National Ballet b) London Ballet c) Paris Opera Ballet d) Bolshoi Ballet

Which ballet movement means “Step of the Cat”?

a) Pas de chat b) Chatter c) Le chat d) Chasse


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